Bringing together developers, designers and campaigners from around the globe to work for social good.

The Digital Participation Camp (DPC) is a network of young talented individuals who meet each summer at UNESCO School Schillergymnasium in Münster, Germany to work on projects that implement social change through digital technology. During its 10 day program the DPC creates a unique time and space of exchanging skills and ideas by like minded people. Our program ends with the Digital Participation Summit (DPS), an open event to highlight project results and discuss with experts from politics and media.
The DPC has been organised four years in a row since 2012. In 2017 we take a break to re-structure the DPC. Stay tuned for our program to be back in 2018!

Our Team

Our passion is to build bridges and connect cultures.

Our Sponsors



Our Misson

We believe in connecting the world for social good

Digital Tools

We gather young developers, designers, photographers, videographers and campaigners to create multi disciplinary teams. 

Social Good

We are working on topics of social change, fighting discrimination, poverty, corruption and diseases.

Connecting Cultures

Be believe in the power of intercultural collaboration. We connect young people from all over the world to join forces for a better tomorrow.


  • Testimonial

    Meeting people from so many different countries gave us the chance to get brilliant ideas from a different perspective.

    Abdul Rahman Alashraf, Syria

    I liked the friendly inspiring atmosphere of the Digital Participation Camp. I got so many ideas for our new projects, and already started working on one of them.

  • Testimonial

    We realise that differences don´t matter, but the things we are fighting for is what brings us together.

    Alba González Cordero,

    I loved the DPC for the fact that so many different people with different backgrounds and skills worked together and shared their knowledge, inspire one another and develop new skills. The intercultural learning is one of the biggest advantages of the international camp.

  • Testimonial

    The Digital Participation Camp was an opportunity of a lifetime and I know it will indelibly shape my future career.

    Philipp Chan, Australia

    Meeting and collaborating with young people who are driven, creative and unafraid to change the world was truly inspiring and energizing. It unleashed a fervent desire to transform the little ideas at the back of my brain into reality. Even now, I am still buzzing and have started working on my own project.

  • Testimonial

    The DPC reaffirmed my belief that social change can be effectively carried out digitally.

    Seemal Mushtaq, Social Entrepreneur, Pakistan

    The thing I liked most about the DPC were the people. There were participants from all over the world attending the camp. They all had different backgrounds, skill-sets and perspectives on life. It is like being in a classroom with more than 90 teachers.

  • Testimonial

    As a graphic designer I loved the experience of working with friends on common projects

    Menna Elkhateeb, Graphic designer, Egypt

    The talent of the other developers and desigenrs inspired me.

  • Testimonial

    For me, seeing how well people can work to push a common belief was the big thing.

    Fungai Machirori, Founder, HerZimbabwe

    The pace at which ideas came to fruition was phenomenal. It just went to show that anything is possible with passion, vision and the right mix of skills behind it.

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Interested in supporting us ?  We would greatly appreciate your support.

We are young individuals who want to strengthen our efforts to make this world a better place through the beneficial use of digital media. We aim to create a happy, united environment where projects can be developed effectively but in a cost effective way. We are very grateful for the Schillenger Gymnasium which allows us to invite more participants and create a unique atmosphere.  We are always looking for new companies or individuals to sponsor us and make this individual change-making participation camp come alive. You can support us by donation or even spreading the word.